Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog.  My name is Asiya Khaki and I am a passionate newborn, portrait, and wedding photographer servicing New Jersey and New York.

Most days, I photograph newborns. My love of newborns began when I was a child. Being third born, I always wanted my mother to have another baby so I could help raise the baby and love it to pieces. My mother never had another baby but my love of babies grew with each passing year.

When I graduated from Barnard College, Columbia University with a double degree in Architecture and Middle Eastern and Asian Studies, I knew I wanted to become a photographer.  Photography was always a passion of mine. Instead of looking for jobs pertaining to my majors, I began working in a few hospitals across the tri-state photographing newborns right after they were born.  I also began photographing weddings at this time.

It’s been more than 8 years since I graduated and I am just as passionate now about photographing life’s most precious moments as I was when I first started.  As a photographer, I love making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, and capturing images that truly make them look their absolute best.

For me, photo shoots are all about making beautiful memories, so I always work on making the photo shoot itself an enjoyable, fun and exciting experience.  I love using natural light as I find it is perfect in every way.  I feel so incredibly honored and blessed every time I photograph a special milestone in someone’s life, whether it be an engagement shoot, a wedding, a maternity shoot, a newborn session, or milestone shoots as a child grows up, into a young child and later a teen. My work is clean, modern, simple, and yet full creativity.  I love working with clients, receiving their feedback, and creating images that are completely 100% tailored to their aesthetic and vision.  The photographs I take are genuine, artistic, and timeless.

Please give me a call (425-829-2239) or email me (asiya@photographybyasiya.com) to find out more about working with me.

You can watch a behind the scenes video of a newborn photo shoot here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRslUqp62Ng&t=10s