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The first step of the design process begins with you and requires a selection of your favorite images for the album. This can sometimes be an overwhelming task, so I’ve provided a few helpful hints below to make it easier.

1) The First Look- Review the entire set of images and mark down your favorite jpegs image numbers.

2) The Second Look- Now review the image set once more, and eliminate images that are not essential to the story of your wedding day.  Put an * next to images that you love  and feel free to add any helpful notes that may aid me while putting the layouts together.

3) Number of Images- The number of images each couple selects greatly varies.  For reference, below you will find some averages from past weddings:
20 page = 40 images
30 page= 60 images
40 page= 70 images
50 page= 120 images



There are three types of cover materials currently offered: leather, crystal, and metal.  Leather albums can either be printed with or without an image.  If printed with an image, the image will be printed within a dye-cut template (either triangle or square).  For the cover, you will need to decide the following:

1) Select the cover material and image number (if applicable) for the design you choose

2) Select the color of the leather you would like for your album.  For leather albums, this color  leather will be wrapped around the entire album.  For crystal or metal albums, the leather will be used along the spine and the back of the album.

3) Please indicate whether you would like your names and wedding date on the cover (this is optional).  For leather albums, this will be done through debossing for an extra cost of $50/album.  There are three options for debosssing- simple debosssing, gold foil debosssing, and silver foil debossing.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 12.05.53 PM

After you have submitted the information requested here, you should expect to receive your layouts within 30 days. Once you have received your layouts, please carefully review them and make a list of any changes you would like implemented.  When you have completed this list, please schedule a skype screen share or in person editing session.  One hour of editing is included in your package. For each additional hour of editing, the charge is $100/hour.  During the editing session, the album design is completed and ready for press.  The albums usually take around 4-6 weeks for printing.



Additional copies of your album can be purchased for parents as well as family and guests.  There are two options listed below.  Please feel free to share this site with family in the event that they want to purchase additional copies.  All orders for parent book copies and replica pocket books must be received before the parent book is sent to press.

1) Parent Book Copies (Copy of Original Album)
8×12 Album (1 copy) | 6×8 Album (Set of 2) | 4×5 Album (Set of 4)- $500

2) Mini Replica Pocket Books
4×5 Album (Set of 6) | 2.5×4 Album (Set of 10) | 2×2.5 Album (Set of 20)- $250

If you have any questions that have not been answered here regarding the album design process, please submit a comment below.  Thank you and I look forward to designing your wedding album with you!

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