1st email: CRYING!!! Love them! Thank you so much for getting them back to us so quickly!

2nd email: We absolutely loved every picture!!! They turned out beautiful!
Thank you so much for everything!!!
– Elena (Holiday Family Mini Session, December 2017)

Thank you, Asiya! We absolutely love our photos and can’t thank you enough for capturing our best family moments.
– Denielle (Holiday Family Mini Session, November 2017)

I love these!!! Thank you! Will be in touch about ordering!
– Huma (Rye Town Park Mini Session, Rye NY, November 2017)

These are AMAZING!! Thank you so much. I will follow up with you this weekend about the prints/images.
– Alice (Rye Town Park Mini Session, Rye NY, November 2017)

Hi! Our family photos are amazing, Asiya! Thank you for capturing them for us – you are so talented!
– Susan (Rye Town Park Mini Session, Rye NY, November 2017)

So many cute pics! There are a few of the boys that just kill me they are so cute – you really captured them perfectly. It’s going to be hard to choose. Will get back to you this weekend with our pics.
– Kara (Hoboken Alley Mini Session, November 2017)

Thank you so much for capturing such beautiful images of 3 generations, and such a special time in my family! Truly appreciate your work! Have a Happy Holiday Season, looking forward to receiving the pics and having them in my home to share with family!
– Sadira (Fall Mini Session, Central Park, October 2017)

These are INSANELY AMAZING!! Thank you so so much. We 100% want all of the high res images, and will likely order at least one canvas. Will spend some time with these and circle back this week. Hope you’re having a good weekend :)
– Nicole (Fall Family Photo Shoot, Central Park, October 2017)

Thank you so much! There are so many precious photos! And I know my mother-in-law especially is going to go nuts over these – the watermarked versions never do the photos justice. =)
-Maxine (Fall Mini Session, Central Park, October 2017)

Thank you so much Asiya. Love them all. We would like to purchase all the images. Thanks so much for everything. You are so talented. Thanks!
– Kate (Fall Mini Session, Central Park, October 2017)

Thanks Asiya!! It’s always great to see you and work with you. I’m so thankful we met 7 years ago when you photographed my baby girl for the first time! I was a new mom and scared to death lol but you put me at ease and have ever since! I can’t wait to see the pictures! Looking forward to working with you again in the future!
– Karen (Fall Mini Session, Rye Town Park, October 2017)

Thank you so much Asiya! Was great working with you again. You had such great energy and were so patient with our boys, especially {son’s name}! We are REALLY excited to see the proofs in two weeks. Thank you again for everything & hope that you have a wonderful rest of weekend!
Wishing you all the best
Thank you!
– Laura (Fall Mini Session, Rye Town Park, October 2017)

I wanted to thank you for Saturday. We are, of course, excited to see the photographs but I also wanted to let you know what a great experience it was. On the way home I said I thought it went well and {my daughter} started jumping up and down and asking when we could take more photos! The rest of the gang, while no longer jumpers, were in full agreement about how fun it was. You truly made the whole thing enjoyable and painless! While I adore taking photos and am tolerated by my family there was something truly magical about putting the project into your talented hands. Thank you so much!
– Alice (Fall Mini Session, Central Park, October 2017)

Thank you so much for being so welcoming! We truly appreciate your work and always love the outcome! Can’t wait to see the edits!

Thanks again!
– Kayla (1 Year Mini Session, October 2017)

We haven’t stopped talking about this afternoon! It was such a pleasure working with you and feeling so comfortable…can’t wait to see the images! I know you captured our little family at our best. Even if we’ve only had 5 cumulative hours of sleep in the last two weeks!
– Stephanie (Newborn Photo Shoot, October 2017)

Oh I LOVE THEM!!!! They look so great!
– Jane (Twin Newborn Photo Shoot, October 2017)

Wow, the photos are amazing and it was so hard to choose. You really captured them so naturally.
– Kara (Family Photo Shoot, October 2017)

Thank you again so much! We will definitely recommend you to any friends that may be looking for a photographer in the future. You truly have a gift :-)
-Dawn (Newborn Photo Shoot, September 2017)

Thanks Asiya! These are so beautiful and do such an amazing job of capturing our children’s personalities; thank you for the incredibly quick turnaround as well.

2nd Message
Thanks Asiya! These photos are so spectacular; I absolutely love them. We feel so lucky to have been able to work with you!! Thank you again!!!
– Irene (Family Photo Shoot, August 2017)

We can’t stop talking about this afternoon’s photo shoot! Thank you for your patience, enthusiasm, and vision! You are a true baby whisperer! Thanks again! We can’t wait to see the photos!!
-Nicole (Newborn Photo Shoot, August 2017)

Simply incredible Asiya, so unbelievably happy with the day and how these turned out. Gorgeous!
– Jasmine (Newborn Photo Shoot, August 2017)

Thanks again for taking our family photos! You always do such a great job. I am stunned with all of the {our toddler} pictures with smiles!!!
-Frank (Newborn Photo Shoot, August 2017)

AHHHH we love love love them, thank you!!!!
– Jill (Newborn Photo Shoot, August 2017)

Thank you very much Asiya for the wonderful memories. These pictures are gems that we will preserve forever :)
– Renu (6 month Photo Shoot, August 2017)

Thank you so much for squeezing us in as clients and for your awesome work. Your talent is impeccable and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone seeking photography services. In addition to creating beautiful photos, you were so gentle and attune to my babies needs during the shoot and that makes all the difference.
– Sarah (Newborn Photo Shoot, July 2017)

Asiya, thank you for being so great with Blake today, {Spouse’s Name} and I were so impressed and happy with how well the session went. Can’t wait to see the pictures!
– Jill (Newborn Photo Shoot, July 2017)

These are SO incredible. I can’t wait to sit down and pick our favorites. For now, I just keep looking over and over!
– Jen (1 Year Cake Smash and Portrait Session, July 2017)

Thank you again for the amazing photos. We are still gushing over them! Loved working with you for a second time.
-Christina (Newborn Photo Shoot, June 2017)

Thank you for your kindness during the session. The session itself and photo will be great memory of my family. It was great time.
I look forward to see the final pictures!
Thank you for your hard work to make great pics of my baby and family again.
– Seon (Newborn Photo Shoot, June 2017)

Oh my goodness these are incredible and you are amazing!!
Thanks again, I love them!
– Melissa (Newborn Photo Shoot, June 2017)

These are amazing! I’m so thrilled with how they turned out and very grateful for all your hard work and talent.
– Gabrielle Goodman (Spring Mini Session, May 2017)

These are incredible! You have such an immeasurable talent. Thank you so much!
– Nikki (Spring Mini Session, May 2017)

They are absolutely beautiful!!!! Thank you so much for capturing these moments!! I love them!!!!
– Allie (Family Photo Shoot, May 2017)

We received the GoBook, and it turned out so beautiful! We are so happy! We will contact you again in the future for birthday photos. Thanks again!
– Elena (Newborn Photo Shoot, May 2017)

I can’t imagine anyone else photographing my family. You’ve already captured such beautiful moments of my daughters milestones.
– Jody (Newborn Photo Shoot, May 2017)

OMG – I was going to email you last night but I didn’t have enough time and I didn’t want to rush what I was going to write because you were so incredible to work with and I am so thankful that I found your information. I have worked with several photographers and hands down you are by far the best we’ve ever worked with. You are officially going to be my family’s photographer going forward!!! It is so clear that you love what you do and that you are incredible at working with people and children in particular.
– Jessica (Spring Mini Session, May 2017)

Thanks, Asiya. We had so much fun, and can’t wait to see the photos. I still don’t know how you got our boys to cooperate. It was an afternoon we will never forget.
– Karen (Spring Mini Session, May 2017)

Thank you so much – we were so impressed by you being able to so gracefully transform our anxious energy into happy moments :). We can’t wait to see the photos!!!
– Elian (Spring Mini Session, May 2017)

Thank YOU! For more than 7 years have have captured the best, sweetest pictures of my kids and we’re grateful for that. And you make it so easy!

Can’t wait to see them!
– Carrie (Spring Mini Session, May 2017)

Thank you so much Asiya! My husband and I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing you are! I am so glad I stumbled on your site & so grateful that you were able and willing to be a part of our special day! The photographs on.your site are absolutely stunning! We can’t wait to see the images you captured today. Thank you again!!!!
– Mina (Vow Renewal Central Park, April 2017)

The photos are AMAZING! So many beautiful, love filled shots. WOW. Can’t thank you enough. Now the difficult part of selecting…
– Lynn (Newborn Photo Shoot, March 2017)

Oh my goodness, these photos are incredible! I do not know how I will chose. I love them too much to pick!

I already have gone through them at least 8 times since you sent them last night – Steve and I will be deciding later on which package we would like :)

Thank you for making my day!
– Lynn (Newborn Photo Shoot, March 2017)

I loved working with you and I’m so excited as I know I will love these pictures just as much as i loved the ones I did when I was pregnant with dylan. I’m so happy I decided to do them. Thank you again!
– Sarah (Mini Maternity, March 2017)

Thank you so much Asiya!!! They are absolutely adorable! You did a wonderful job and are so talented! :)
– Ellen (5 Month Photo Shoot- Studio, February 2017)

Thank you soooo much! We really appreciate everything and LOVEEEEE the pictures! We will send you our selection soon!
– Kayla (3 Month Photo Shoot, February 2017)

You are truly amazing! Your spirit and vibe blessed everyone today. {Baby} absolutely loved you and you also helped me personally with your positivity and light. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a beautiful and very special day.

– Xoxo Lauren and {Baby} (Newborn Photo Shoot, January 2017)

We were really astonished with the way you handled our son throughout the session.
My mom was all praises about u on our way back home.

We are really excited to see the pics. Once again u rocked the day
– Vijay Khanna (Newborn Photo Shoot, January 2017)

We got the pictures this week, and we love them! They are beautiful!
Thank you for you time and attention.
– Lydia (Family Mini Session, December 2016)

The pictures are beautiful!!! You are such a blessing in our lives. Thank you!
– Andrea (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2016)

They are STUNNING!!! I am not sure how I will ever choose. You are so talented….just unbelievable shots!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! I’ll have my selections to you by tomorrowJ
– Tara (Mini Holiday Session, November 2016)

Omg!!!! Too many to choose from! I love so many of them!
Thanks so much again and thanks for having them ready so fast.
– Shevy (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2016)

Thank you so much Asiya! They are AMAZING, love love love all of them. Thank you again for everything! Be in touch with our selections.
– Ashley (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2016)

Oh my god, these turned out so amazing – thank you! We are going to have a hard timing picking our favorites…
-Beth (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2016)

Thank you SO much Asiya!! It was a TRUE delight to meet you! We were amazed and humbled by your patience and eye for perfect poses!! Couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience and hope we can stay in touch for future family shoots! Words would be inadequate to describe how we were lucky enough to have crossed paths with you and the artistic talent you exhibit shines through your dedication to create cherished lifetime memories! Looking forward to viewing the pics!
– Sofia (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2016)

Omg Asiya…. I’m literally dying over these pics you’re SO good! And thank you!!! these pics are everything!!!!! Thank you so much! Love!
– Sarah (Fall Mini Session, November 2016)

You are amazing!!! The pictures came out amazing!! Thank you so much for photographing my daughter. I can show this to her when she’s older and be proud of how the pictures came out :)
I am beyond happy with the results. Is there a way that I can purchase the full session pictures (all 65 pics)? Just the digital download 😀

– Cristina (One Year Cake Smash Session, November 2016)

THANK YOU! I was raving about you to my Hoboken mommy group friends- 2 of whom you’re also working with ({Friend 1} who you shot today and {Friend 2} who you’ve taken maternity shots of and she just had her baby boy this week). You were so easy to work with and so great with {Baby}! Can’t wait to see and order pics!

Have a great week,
– Kate (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2016)

Many thanks for a fun photo shoot! You were simply amazing and so easy to work with. I can’t thank you enough for your time, flexibility, engagement, positive attitude, and genuine commitment to capturing the beauty of my family. We are all looking forward to viewing your work!
– Alicia (Fall Mini Session Central Park, November 2016)

Hi Asiya! The pictures are absolutely beautiful! You captured the kids spirits perfectly! Thank you SO much! You are just so talented! I will be in touch with our order!
– Mary-Ann (Fall Family Photo Shoot, November 2016)

Asiya it was a big pleasure meeting you today. Thank you so much for such an amazing shoot. You were born to be a photographer. It’s a real pleasure to work with you. I have tried many photographers but you have the most amazing personality.
It was a pleasure to share this important moment for our family with person like you.
– Noel (Maternity Photo Shoot, October 2016)

Thank you for capturing such beautiful pictures, and for your patience with my little one. You really have a wonderful talent. I’m excited, and can’t wait to see them. :)
– Yahita (Newborn Photo Shoot, October 2016)

Hope you are doing well :). Just wanted to say THANK YOU for yesterday (advice for my camera) and also for such a pleasant shoot experience. My husband and I still talk about how amazing it was. We definitely had a great time and are really looking forward to the newborn shoot. Can’t wait to see the pictures!
– Sundas (Maternity Photo Shoot, October 2016)

You made this too hard for us!
We literally are in love with these pictures I am trying to figure out where they can all live in my house :)
– Lynn (Newborn Photo Shoot, September 2016)

Asiya, they are amazing!!! This was the best email I could have woken up to! Thank you so much for capturing the most special time in our lives, we loved working with you and can’t wait for you to capture our little guy in a few months. Thank you again and I’ll be in touch with ordering…this will be hard, they are all so good!!!

Have a great day,
– Ashley (Maternity Photo Shoot, September 2016)

Thanks for today.
My shy 3 year old said ” id the best day mom”
We really were delighted.
Have a great weekend,
– Clodagh :) (Newborn Photo Shoot, September 2016)

Messages 1: Thank you so much dear Asiya!
It was a great experience to work with you. I’m telling all my friends how great of a professional you are! Hope we will get to take more photographs with you in the future
Message 2: Hope you’re doing well. We and all of our family and friends are completely taken by the photographs. The quality of your work is top notch! I want to ask you for some business cards. I’ll put some in my office and display some family photos by you and bring some to my obgyn office. I want people to know how great you are!

– Irina (Newborn Photo Shoot, September 2016)

I LOVE the Go Book! Thank you again for making this time with our new baby so special by capturing amazing pictures. You truly do phenomenal work and I am so grateful. Thank you again!
– Ann (Newborn Photo Shoot, August 2016)

Great! You’re amazing. I will send you my selects later today.
-Kahlana (Newborn Photo Shoot, August 2016)

I loved working with you as well! Everything came out amazing!
-Kayla (Maternity Photo Shoot, August 2016)

Thank you so much for the wonderful photos! Selecting them is the hard part!
– Anjali (Newborn Photo Shoot, July 2016)

Aw thank you so much! You did an absolutely incredible job!! Can’t wait to show these to my parents!
Will be back to you within 7 days- thanks and have a good weekend!
– Jackie (Newborn Photo Shoot, July 2016)

Hello Asiya,
I just wanted to thank you for last weeks newborn shoot. I think it went really well. I gave your contact out info to a few friends.. I appreciate how smoothly it all went. I wasn’t expecting it to be that easy. We are looking forward to seeing the photos! Thanks again,
– Vanessa (Newborn Photo Shoot, July 2016)

Thank you!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Will get back to you on what we want! THANK YOU
– Joann (Newborn Photo Shoot, July 2016)

You are truly brilliant. Not only behind the lens but how you edit and retouch is beyond words. I can’t thank you enough–we have so many amazing pics to choose from!! It means so much to have this extra special time captured.

I’m in the car and can’t wait to view these on a computer screen! Just viewing them on my phone.

Thanks again for sending them to me in such a short time frame. I know that is such hard, hard work to get it turned around that quickly with all the other clients you have!!!

Much love and thx!!
– Linda (One Year Photo Shoot, July 2016)

The work you do is amazing. I love knowing you took the pictures of The family when {our son} was only 2 weeks old and again when he was 2 years old. You capture their innocence and unconditional spirit. Thank you so much!
– Kelly and Tajas (Spring Family Photo Shoot, July 2016)

Hi Asiya, these are beyond what I could have hoped for. Thank you SO so much.
– Devin (Maternity Photo Shoot, June 2016)

Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVED the pictures!!!!!!! They are soooo beautiful!!!! There were so many good ones!!!! Thank you so, so very much!!!! I am so excited!

(2nd email) Thank you again so much for everything!! I am so in love with these photos and will truly treasure them forever!! They are so special to me!!!
– Jennifer (Spring Mini Session-Central Park, May 2016)

OMG THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you SO much!!!
– Allie (Newborn Photo Shoot, May 2016)

Thanks so much – the photos are stunning! {Baby} looks like a little model :) my mom cried when she saw them :).
I placed an order online. Thanks again for the beautiful work.
– Christine (Newborn Photo Shoot, May 2016)

They’re so beautiful! I love them. Thank you so much!! You actually got a few of them all together! I was pleasantly surprised to see those lol.
Thank you for capturing then so beautifully ?
– Aliza (Newborn Photo Shoot, May 2016)

I LOVE THEM! I will review with {spouse} and make a decision – thank you for capturing this very special time on our lives.
– Alexa (Mini Maternity Photo Shoot, April 2016)

It was really great. Thank you so much for everything. For your patience and professionalism with my crazy (but lovable) children. Thank you for your time and for giving me as much time as I needed to get everything right. I truly appreciate it and you.
– Aliza (Newborn Photo Shoot, April 2016)

We are beyond pleased and excited to blow up many of these. Thank you so so much.
-Jamie (Newborn Photo Shoot, April 2016)

Wow, these pictures are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for capturing her early moments in life with beautiful props! Will get back to you soon.
– Huma (Newborn Photo Shoot, April 2016)

these are amazing!!! I don’t know how you do it!!
I love them all. We’ll go through it and send you the selections shortly.
You’re truly a wizard. His skin looks amazing and you’ve captured our kids so well!!
– Jean (Newborn Photo Shoot, April 2016)

I just wanted to write to thank you for the photographs you took of Baby and family. Couldn’t be more happy with the final product.
– Matt (Newborn Photo Shoot, March 2016)

Hi Asiya – where do we begin!!!! We are freaking out over these so many good ones. Truly beautiful you captured our special girl and sweet boy so perfectly. Be in touch in next few days regarding which we want to move forward with. I love them all. Thank you so much. We are beyond happy
– Lauren (Newborn Photo Shoot, January 2016)

Thank you so very much. I will absolutely ask to have you back again in the summer if you don’t mind. I want to scream to the world how awesome you and your photog skills are!!!!!
– Vivian (Winter Family Photo Shoot, December 2015)

It was so great working with you! You truly are a master of your work. Will be recommending you to anyone looking for a great photographer. Thank you!
– Christina (Newborn Photo Shoot, December 2015)

Wow- you outdid yourself yet again. You truly captured the spirit of us 4 as a family and I am so grateful. The pictures are beautiful- truly amazing. A huge THANK YOU!! Your PR is your incredible ability to to make this come to life and I can’t wait to place the order. We will finalize over the long weekend and put in our order. Thanks again for getting this off so quickly. And yes, I cried a whole lot- tears of joy.
– Rochelle (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2015)

Oh my god, Asiya, I don’t even know what to say; these pictures are so incredible! Thank you so much!! We’ll let you know in a few days what we decide to order.
– Martine (One Year Photo Shoot, November 2015)

They are so beautiful! THANK YOU!! I don’t know how I will ever choose!!
– Tara (Family Photo Shoot, November 2015)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! We are in love with all the pictures.
– Honory (Maternity Photo Shoot, November 2015)

Oh Asiya! I just love them all!!! The images look amazing!!! Thank you! Thank you!
– Jennifer (Maternity and Fall Family Photo Shoot, November 2015)

Thanks for the pictures- you’re amazing- they came out great and you got so many great shots. We appreciate your hard work.
– Janine (Fall Family Portrait Session, November 2015)

Your works are magnificent as always!!! You lift my spirit every time and remind me the most important things in life! Thank you for that!!! We will take a few days to choose pictures. You make it so splendid that it is impossible to choose!!!
– Oleksandra (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2015)

Love, love, love the photos. Will be so hard to pick the “best” ones. Thanks so much!
– Sara (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2015)

You are simply AMAZING! These are incredible!! I can’t wait to see you in January for baby #2’s newborn shots!!
Thank you SO much!! I even love the ones that I’m in and you know I hate being photographed!!
– Candice (Fall Mini Session, November 2015)

Thank you for this special surprise today! I just burst into tears opening the photographs. You are absolutely amazing! I have never seen anyone be able to capture the light and love of my sons like you have!
We are so blessed by your talent!
– Tiffany and Steven (Fall Mini Session, November 2015)

I just want to thank you again for taking extra time with us! You were amazing and I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I know in the area and/or traveling to the area! It’s so neat having great photos in different cities! Google didn’t let me down when it lead me to you!
– Stephanie (Couple Photo Shoot, November 2015)

Thank you so much for your kindness, patience, and expertise with our family today! The sneak peek is adorable–you are amazing at what you do and we cannot wait to see the rest of the photos! Thanks again for making us feel at home at your studio!
Carrie (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2015)

I wanted to thank you for an amazing photo shoot. You made all of us feel at ease and have fun doing it. It was great talking with you as well. The session was way beyond my expectations!!!
Thanks again.
– Shima (Newborn Photo Shoot, November 2015)

OMG these are awesome Asiya! Thank you! So hard to choose. I need to review a few times. You always manage to make me lol good!
– Caroline (Lifestyle Portrait Session, November 2015)

Thank you so much!! The pictures are absolutely beautiful- I can’t stop looking at them!
– Leah (Newborn Photo Session, November 2015)

You were awesome today – as usual. Besides the fact that you are so talented you are so great with eva (even when she is in a mood 😉 ) Thank you!! Excited to see photos when they are ready.
– Susan (1 Hour Portrait Session, November 2015)

Thank you for the fantastic job!!!!!!
You are very professional and creative!!!
– Oleksandra (Maternity Photo Shoot, November 2015)

Ahh, you’re the greatest!!!! They’re so amazing thanks to you! So so happy.
– Jess (Mini Fall Photo Session, November 2015)

These are amazing! You did such an amazing job – I could not have wished for more perfect newborn pictures. THANK YOU!
– Katie (Newborn Photo Shoot, October 2015)

I can’t watch with music without crying you are so talented and captured our family so beautifully I can’t thank you enough
– Kayla (Newborn Photo Shoot, October 2015)

My daughter, lauren, mother of chloe just sent me the most amazing pictures from your photo shoot. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the photography session as fun and enjoyable as it was.. My daughter told me immediately after the shoot that you were amazing to work with. I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures. My husband who enjoys photography and has been looking for a new camera since the day he found out lauren was going to have a baby recognizes your extraordinary talent and your photographic artistry. It takes an amazing person as well as a talented photographer to work with newborns. So again, thank you and I would love to recommend you to others needing newborn pictures. Lauren is beyond excited with the “TEASE” pictures and in her text she wrote me “RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING PICTURES” have a great night
– Evelyn (Newborn Photo Shoot, October 2015)

You are amazing! These pictures are OUTSTANDING!
I cannot wait to see the rest!!!!
Honestly… perfection! We cannot thank you enough!!!!
– Lauren, Craig and Chloe :) (Newborn Photo Shoot, October 2015)

They are so beautiful!! Wow!!! Can’t wait to see them all :))) thank you!!!!!
– Andrea (Newborn Photo Shoot, October 2015)

Thank you Asiya!!! We will always treasure these memories you have made for us!
– Amitha (Family Photo Shoot, July 2015)

Oh my god – these are as beautiful as always. Thank you!
-Nandini (Family Photo Shoot, July 2015)

Honestly Asiya, I have to tell you again, your work is just amazing to say the least. Its just really great, and the way you make the picture alive. Just something else. Really cant wait till I able to clear this and see all the pics enlarged inshl…
– Hasan (Newborn, July 2015)

These are AMAZING. Beyond…
Thanks a million for capturing this moment. I’m sure you hear it a lot but these photos will live with our family forever. So special.
– Erin (1 year Portrait & Cake Smash Session, June 2015)

Thanks so much for our session yesterday and the photos today. We all sat and watched the slideshow tonight and loved all the photos. We can’t wait to print them and hang them up in our house. So great to see you again! Take care.
– Neelam (Newborn Session, June 2015)

These are SOOO cute! I cried with the ones of our parents- they will DIE! you are the best. i just purchased all of the digital photos.
Thanks again!
– Michelle (Newborn Session, June 2015)

Wow they are all so good! we love them.
Thanks for doing an awesome job!!!
We are having a hard time picking.
Thanks again.
Im sure we’ll see you in a year….
– Joey (Newborn Session, June 2015)

Thank you so much!  Working with you was awesome and they were the most amazing pictures I’ve ever had taken.  Looking forward to working with you again in the future
– Kara (Newborn Session, June 2015)

AMAZING work!! I’m really so so pleased with the results. It was a pleasure working with you!
– Kristin (Spring Mini Session, May 2015)

We can not say enough about these photographs! We are completely blown away by your work… We can’t thank you enough!!
-Shelby (Newborn Photo Shoot, May 2015)

The pictures are BEYOND incredible!! We literally watch the video over and over and over again and cry each time. They are so perfect, and we cant thank you enough for capturing this exciting time in our lives. We will be in touch with our order!!
– Samantha (Newborn Photo Shoot, April, 2015)

Oh my gosh these are amazing! Thank you so much!!! Will be making our selection soon!
– Karen (Newborn Photo Shoot, April, 2015)

We just got the album and it’s incredible. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! Thank you.
– Elizabeth (Family Photo Shoot, April 2015)

Love these pictures of our precious little bundle! xxx
– Noel (Newborn Photo Shoot, April 2015)

Asiya – these are stunning. Thank you so much – we are over the moon with the results, and loved working with you. Thank you again for your patience and dealing with the messy blanket! you were a real star and obviously have an incredible talent.  I am now going to try to find some tissues to mop up Cinnamon’s / Mummy’s tears
Thanks again, Andre & C. (Newborn Photo Shoot, April 2015)

Omg!!!!! I received the prints and I love them!!!! Thank you for capturing such a special  time in our lives!!! Thank you for our gift!
– Vanessa (Newborn Photo Shoot, April 2015)

I am OBSESSED!! love them all!!!! thank you so much for everything!!! you are so talented!
Marnie (Newborn Photo Shoot, March 2015)

These are so amazing, I may have cried a little! I’m so glad we were able to work with you, it was such a great experience and the results are beautiful.
– Erin (Newborn Photo Shoot, March 2015)

The prints are amazingly beautiful!!!!
Words can’t describe how grateful we are to
you. Thank you so much for capturing such
a wonderful moment in our lives!
– Ilean (Newborn Studio Photo Shoot, March 2015)

You are truly gifted!! I’m in love with everyone…exceeded any expectation I had.
– Tracy (Twin Home Photo Shoot, Feb 2015)

Asiya these are amazing!!! They brought tears to my eyes:) thank you SO much!! What is even more impressive is that you somehow made me look half way decent;)
– Mary Ann (Newborn Photo Shoot, Jan 2015)

I will take a look at all the options and let you know if I have any questions. What a great talent you have!!
Thank you so much! We absolutely love the photos.
– Tanicka (Newborn Photo Shoot, Jan 2015)

Thank you SO much — your work far exceeded all of our expectations. We are so so thrilled! Cannot stop watching. We will do all of our purchasing tomorrow. Thank you thank you!
– Laura (Newborn Photo Shoot, Jan 2015)

They are AMAZING! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We can’t get over how perfect the photos are. We are going to place an order by the end of this week. Thank you again.
– Christina (Newborn Photo Shoot, Dec 2014)

Asiya, these are fantastic! You did an amazing job and we couldn’t be happier with how the pictures turned out. We’ll be ordering all the digital negatives soon. Thank you for doing such a great job!
– Renita (Fall Family Photo Shoot, Nov 2014)

We love the photos! You capture the best moments and the true personalities of our little guys. We will continue to treasure all the photos you have taken for us over the years. You are a truly talented professional.
– Christine (Family Photo Shoot, August 2014)

Thank you again for traveling to spend time with us on the beach.
We are incredibly grateful for your breathtaking photography!
– Tiffany and Steven Vizzo (Mini Photo Shoot, August 2014)

Thank you Asiya! We got everything and they all look beautiful:)
We had a great time working with you as well; just to translate what most of the Turkish commenters are saying is that the images look like they are out of a magazine, that it reminds them of a fairy tale, and such.
Thanks again!
– Secil (1 Hour Portrait Session in Central Park- August 2014)

Thank you SO much for these amazing photographs!! Your work is unbelievable and we will treasure these pictures forever!!
– Sheila (Newborn Photo Shoot- August 2014)

We love the photos! You capture the best moments and the true personalities of our little guys. We will continue to treasure all the photos you have taken for us over the years. You are a truly talented professional.
– Christine (Family Photo Shoot- August 2014)

Thanks for getting these to us so quickly. I love the pics! They came out gorgeous! We will be back to you soon regarding additional purchases! Thanks again for a lovely and pleasant session and the wonderful photos!
– Tammy (Newborn Photo Shoot- August 2014)

Oh my gosh! These are amazing and I think I cried about 5 times watching the slideshow with the music! I also probably watched it at least 20 times now!!! You did an amazing job!!! I’ll look through and figure out which package we want to do.
Thanks again and great job!!!
– Melissa (Newborn Photo Shoot- July 2014)

I have been meaning to e-mail you and tell you how HAPPY (spouse) and I are with the story book. It is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for all your hard work. We love showing it to people and can’t wait to share it with (son) when he gets older. Once again, you did an amazing job. Looking forward to working with you in the future to capture more of our special moments.
– Sarah (Newborn Photo Shoot- July 2014)

OMG you have got to be kidding me. I love love LOVE these!! They are amazing!!! Sigh. I am so happy.
– Heather (Newborn Photo Shoot- July 2014)

Oh my gosh I completely bawled my eyes out when I watched the slideshow! The pictures turned out incredible! Thank you SO SO much! You such an amazing job. We are thrilled with the results. Thank you for getting the gallery back to us so quickly! It was so wonderful working with you. I’ve already recommended you to a friend who will be giving birth any day now…
– Meredith (Newborn Twin Photo Shoot- July 2014)

I have to tell you that every time I see a an infant (or actually anyone) that you have photographed I am simply mesmerized by your talent. I am thrilled beyond words that you are willing to photograph my family again this year, as my boys are turning 5 in August.
– Tiffany (Portraits- June 2014)

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How am I going to choose which ones to order??? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
– Allie (1 Year Portraits – June 2014)

Again, thank you so much for everything. Our photos turned out perfect. I’ve just placed our order. Looking forward to again someday working with you. We’ll definitely come back to NY in the future since the girls were born here :)
– Mel (Cake Smash and 1 Year Portraits – June 2014)

Asiya Khaki from Photography by Asiya did it again!!! She is so amazing and her work is impeccable! She did my maternity shoot, Matias’ newborn shoot and now Matias’ First Birthday shoot!!! I’m speechless and so grateful that these images were capture for us and especially for my Matias! The pictures with both set of grandparents are priceless!!! Thank you again Asiya!!! I can’t wait to work with you again! 😉
-Gabriela (1 Year Portraits- June 2014)

Thanks so much for being a part of our lives during this precious moment! We’re truly grateful for the experience we had with you today. These are memories and captured moments for a life time.
-Marie (Newborn Photo Shoot- June 2014)

We genuinely appreciated all you do, it was a pleasure working with you again. For the 3rd time you have brilliantly captured our loved newborn and family addition. Five babies and counting…
-Dara (Extended Family Photo Shoot- May 2014)

Asiya! I was so excited to see the email from you. I must have looked at these photos close to 10 times already! They are the most amazing photos I have ever seen. Really! I am so pleased, particularly the photos of the kids. They are just so sweet and the music with the slideshow is great!
-Maria (Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Spring SHoot- May, 2014)

Wow!! that just made my whole week. You are super talented. Seriously, the best. As of right now, we want ALL the pictures. Absolutely love the slideshow (and music ;)). Thank you so much for capturing Anna and the magic of Spring, it’s really such a gift to our family. I was super tired the day of the photo shoot and could not imagine the photos turning out as great as they did. you rock.
-Marnie (Central Park Mini Photo Shoot- May, 2014)

Everything came out amazing, you did an amazing job as always! Thank you again :)
-Ashley (Newborn Photo Shoot- April, 2014)

“These are so unbelievably gorgeous!!!!! We can’t even believe how beautiful – neither can the grandparents. They definitely think the flowers look better under her!
Seriously – this is amazing… Thank you so much :)”
-Melissa & Andrew (Newborn Photo Shoot- March 2014)

“Professional. Fast. Super nice. All around wonderful to work with. Asiya had our toddler smiling and laughing, even when he didn’t want to be. He warmed up to her instantly because she was so pleasant to be around. She managed to capture so many beautiful moments with our whole family. Definitely recommend!”
– Jessica (Newborn Photo Shoot- March 2014)

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the storybook in the mail. It is so gorgeous!! Thank you so much for creating something so beautiful! Its funny because I think Ethan has grown so much that he doesn’t look like that anymore… it was so nostalgic to flip through his newborn pictures. Thanks so much! ”
– Cindy (Newborn Photo Shoot- March 2014)

“So busy with baby and work…wanted to tell you how thrilled we are with the book and the mini books and calender! So amazing! Thank you so very much for the extras! So kind of you! We are telling everyone about you. I’ve been giving your info to everyone who asks. We love everything!!
Thanks a million!!!!!”
– Morgan (Newborn Photo Shoot- March 2014)

“Omg, you totally just made our morning, I started crying looking at these…they are absolutely gorgeous as I knew they would be. Thanks again for beyond amazing photos, the grandparents are over the moon, and I can’t stop tearing up looking at them—love love love them!”
– Stephanie (Newborn Photo Shoot- March 2014)

“I hope this isn’t creepy or anything but I just have to say how much I LOVE your work!!! You did the wedding photography for my friend Victoria and I was so impressed. I’ve been following you ever since and I have to say, I’m awfully tempted to fly back to NJ from UT just to have you do my baby’s pictures! (Not really, but dang I am green with envy every time you post an update.) keep up the good work. You rock!”
– Jennifer (Facebook Fan- March 2014)

Hi. I am Laurie [Last Name]’s mom. I was there the day you took the pictures of Laurie, Kevin and Sean. What a beautiful job you did!
I put them on my facebook page, and everyone loved them. In fact, I will quote one of my cousins:
“OMG!!! Who does pics like this?!!! I’ve never in my life seen this! Blown away……..”
If anyone ever asks me for a baby photographer, wedding photographer etc, you are the one I would recommend without any hesitation.
– Lucretia (Newborn Photo Shoot- March 2014)

The pictures are unreal! I can’t thank you enough. We are sitting here tearing watching the slideshow. You did a fantastic job
– Jennifer (Newborn Photo Shoot -Twins- Feb 2014)

I still look at your photos daily and marvel at your talent….The pictures you captured of my daughters first days of life are some of my most special treasures….Just beautiful. Thank you!!!!
– Kari (Newborn Client- Feb 2014)

OMG! You’ve outdone yourself this time, Asiya!!! So gorgeous! [Son’s name] looks happy and relaxed, and the pictures of the two of them make me want to cry. Thank you — you are such an amazing photographer and keep getting better and better each time we come visit! Will send you our orders soon.
– xoxo Joanne (Newborn Photo Shoot- Jan 2014)

Thanks again for your fantastic work- you come to the table with a magnificent combination of sharp skill, patience and a love for babies which is clearly a recipe for a successful and fun photo shoot. Can’t wait to see the pics and put in our order…. We will gladly refer away based upon our great experience.

(Response after seeing photos)
Wow, these are incredible and if I were going to be fully upfront, I have already cried multiple times out of sheer happiness. We are both in awe and have been having a blast looking through them. We will circle back to you by the end of the weekend with our choices.

Fantastic work- [Son’s name] is a natural- ; ))
– Rochelle (Newborn Photo Shoot- Jan 2014)

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with such a talented photographer!!! I can’t even tell you how touched and thrilled the whole family was! Thanks again
– Lili (6 Month Photo Shoot- Jan 2014)

You are a very talented photographer! Thanks again for taking such lovely pictures for us.
– Jennifer (1 Hour Holiday Photo Shoot- Dec 2013)

Thank so much Asiya! The pictures are amazing and we truly appreciate your beautiful work! We would never be able to capture those moments on our own!
-Kathryn (Mini Family Photo Shoot- Nov 2013)

Your work is beautiful! We have amazing photos of our kids to cherish forever. Thank you! We always talk about how amazing you are. Your kindness, patience, knowledge and craft made the experience so special.Thank you!
-Doris (Newborn Photo Shoot- Comment Written November 2013)

Hi Asiya! I have no words. I literally burst into tears seeing the beautiful images that you captured of my family. I am deeply grateful to you for your amazing photographs. There are so many that I love it will be hard for me to choose. I will review your packages and get right back to you.
Thank you again for capturing memories for us that I will cherish forever!
– Tiffany (Family Photo Shoot- Greenwich, Ct- September 2013)

We received the book! We love it! Everything you’ve done from the photo shoots to the slideshows, the prints and now the book is perfect! Thank you again and looking forward to working with you again!
– Gabriela (Maternity & Newborn Photo Shoot- August 2013)

I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to write you a quick email to tell you how talented you are. We have sent the pictures to everyone we know, posted on Facebook, made baby announcements, and made 4 gorgeous canvases. The responses are positively overwhelming! Thanks again for capturing these moments that we will have for a lifetime.
– Allie (Newborn Shoot- August 2013)

The book arrived and it is sensational! Thank you more than I can say for your brilliant work. You are an immense talent and we feel very blessed to have had you capture this moment in time for our family.
– Bonnie (Family Photo Shoot- NYC- August 2013)

Asiya, Oh my goodness! Words cannot explain how overwhelmingly happy I am with the photographs. As I go through them, I find myself going through so many emotions sparking all types of memories of our time at Central Park going beyond our photo shoot. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love, love, LOVE the pictures and can’t wait to have them in our home. You are amazing and while I’m sorry I didn’t meet you sooner, I know that I want you capturing my family in photographs for years to come.
– Nelly (Family Photo Shoot- Central Park- August 2013)

Asiya! Thank you so much. These are absolutely perfect & capture in every way what I was hoping for. I absolutely love them. Now the fun part of narrowing down! I will be in touch. Thank you again!
– Sarah (Maternity Photo Shoot- July 2013)

Thank you for capturing such a special time on film for us!! I am eternally grateful for the keepsake photos of my baby girl. I will cherish them always. Thank you Asiya….When we get married you will hear from us!!!
– Danielle (Newborn Photo Shoot- July 2013)

Thank you for getting these done so quick! I am in love with all of these photos. You are seriously so talented. And it was just 30 mins! I have gotten so many emails and texts from my friends about “who is this amazing photographer?” Every time I look at these I smile. Thank you again!
– Jennifer (Mini Outdoor Shoot- June 2013)

I just wanted to tell you that the photos are beyond amazing. Thank you for doing a fabulous job….most appreciated.
– Samantha (Bat Mitzvah – June 2013)

Asiya Khaki – you rock!!! We loved being photographed by you and are looking forward to our newborn shoot when the time arrives! You are one talented photographer/artist! Your eye to capture nature is impeccable!!!
– Gabriela (May 2013)

Asiya thank you so so much!!! I really can’t stop thinking about how magical of a day it was!! It was the kind of day you live for and will remember for a lifetime, especially with the help of you amazing pictures!!! Thank you so much for making my dream a reality and for being such an awesome photographer to work with!! Most other photographers focus so closely on the clock that they don’t care about the shots. If its possible you cared more than I did and was even more excited than I was so thank you!! I CANNOT WAIT to work with you again!!!
– Aliza (May 2013)

The pictures are absolutely amazing. You captured everything we asked for and more. I was literally up half the night watching the slideshow over and over again and already ordered the DVD. You are such a talented photographer and we will cherish these photographs forever! Thank you!
– Mary Alice

That slideshow brought tears to our eyes, what a beautiful song! I’m so happy with the way the pictures came out. Thank you a million times for capturing one of the most special moments in our lives.
– Joann

Thank you so much!!! The pictures came out beautiful!! I absolutely love each and every one of them! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work! Just know I am so delighted with them!
– Siobhan

Asiya, THANK YOU for the amazing pictures! (as always!) and your incredible patience during the shoot with a newborn + toddler. You are wonderful to work with and do incredible work!
– Jackie

WOW! I just got a chance to check emails and saw these! AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I can not tell you how many times I have watched the slideshow and CRIED! I have to admit I was a little nervous considering Cooper was under the weather and we NEVER photograph well, but I can not begin to tell you how wonderful these are! We are thrilled and can’t wait to see the others. Thank you so much for everything..You were great to work with and took fabulous shots! I am so happy we crossed paths and got the referral from my sister in law. I will surly pass on your name to some of my friends.
– Allison

Thank you so much for the pictures.

It’s difficult to decide which picture to use for her birth announcement / baby shower because all the pictures are all so amazing. You did an great job and I can’t wait to schedule another photo shoot when Isabel is a little older. You are awesome!!
– Ana

I am going crazy over these pictures, and so is my mom!! They are amazing!!!! You did a great job!! Thank you sooooooooooo much!!! My only problem is… I don’t know which ones to use for the Birth Announcements!!
– Danielle

Thank you for being so great with my family, especially my kids. Your pictures really show your talent. We will use you for LIFE.
– Milan

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Words can’t express my feelings. These are just magical !Thanks once again for all your hard work and talent which bursts through these pictures. I wish you all the happiness in life!
– Zehra

Just looking at photos. You are truly a talented artist. Thank you for capturing the beauty that is {son’s name}!!! I love so many photos!!!
– Melissa

O M G!!! These are SO good!!! That last one KILLS me — thank goodness you spotted those pumpkins. I wasn’t planning on sending out Thanksgiving cards but now I HAVE to. Thanks for doing these sooner, as the suspense was killing me as well.
– Julie

OMG OMG OMG We love them!!!! Seriously they are amazing!! I’m just looking at them over and over again. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!
– Aliza

They’re amazing! I’m impressed the pics came out so well given they were starting to feel sick.
– Kavita

Asiya, these are amazing…. I love all the pictures…….. Thank you for capturing these special moments……
– Sukaina

Thank you so much! They are fabulous again. You are one very talented photographer. I am sure others feel the same, I hope they tell you as well.
– Christine

Thanks Asiya! You are a hugely talented photographer, easy and pleasant to work with, and gracious and respectful with the subjects.
– Anna

Where do I begin to thank you for the absolutely beautiful work you have given our family? There are no words to describe how precious these photos are! I sobbed with joy as I watched the slideshow and listened to the sweet song you included. We all are overwhelmed with emotion at how good your work is! We can’t wait to begin placing orders! Not only are you extremely talented at your trade, but a pleasure to be around and I will certainly recommend your work to all I know. I can’t wait for our next session!
– Amber

AMAZING!!! Thank you so much. We’ll make our choices and let you know. We are really happy! We crammed a lot in a short time and you nailed it!
– Diana

I am thrilled! They are amazing! I am sending them to all of my family as we speak!
– Kristin

The pictures are absolutely beautiful!! I have been looking at the slide show over and over again all day today….Thanks so much for the wonderful work you’ve done….you’re so gifted!
– Samadhini

We love, love, love the photographs!!! We had so much fun during the session and it really shows in the photos:). Thank you again! We are so excited about the pictures and had so much fun!! We looooove all the prints! The canvas is already up on the wall and the storybook is at home on the coffee table. We are so excited to show [baby’s name] all the beautiful pictures when she gets older. Thank you for capturing this amazing time in our lives with your beautiful photography. We look forward to seeing you again soon!
– Vanisha

Asiya, these are SO GREAT!! We still have to figure out what package we’re getting, but you’ve provided us with so many priceless images and memories…thank you. You really have a tremendous gift for capturing newborns (and other subjects, of course) — I’m so happy you were able to share it with us!
– Joanne

love the song! Great match. Pix look so fun, thanks Asiya great job. Fast turn around – love it.
– Mehnaz

Hi Asiya – I LOVE the pics!!! It was nice meeting you too – you did a wonderful job!
– Kim

Thank you very much for all the pictures!! You did a great job Asiya!!
– Kasia

Just a note to say thank you! I think you are amazing and very talented. I cant believe the level of patience you demonstrated in working with James.
– Shawn

Hi Asiya, thank you so much for the proofs… they came out AWSOME !!!!! We can’t stop looking at them !!!!! You did a fantastic job ! thank you so much !
– Gabriela

I got the pics today and I love them!!! Thank you so much for the extra photos. [Dad’s name] is especially excited by the feet pics and we’re going to frame it next to his bed. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I’m so happy with everything.
– Sondra

I LOVE THEM!!! Sean and I just looked through all the pictures and we could not be happier! Thank you so much.
– Andrea

Thank you so much for sending us these photos so soon. We absolutely LOVE them. You are so gifted and talented. We will be happy to refer you to our friends and family. Thanks again.
– Sheila

Thank you so much! These pictures are absolutely amazing, and the slideshow is such a fun surprise! Thank you for being so patient with us, honoring your commitment, and taking such fabulous photos. We are definitely buying the CD with all the images and maybe some prints, too. I need to go watch the slideshow another 800 times before I pick favorites since I love them all.
– Mary Alice

We received the story book album yesterday and it’s beautiful and something we will always treasure :) So happy it worked out and we got to have these photos taken of our little girl! THANK YOU!

Every time I look at these photos (and it must be 100th) I get struck by how amazing they are. Thank you son much!!!!
– Katia